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MalwareMustDie, as a white-hat security research workgroup, launched in August 2012, is an NPO media for security professionals and researchers gathered to form the work-flow to reduce malware infection in internet. We work to raise malware awareness by sharing general information of malware infection scheme and trend to the common users, helping security vendors and public automation malware-related scanning/decoding tools by providing in depth decode analysis to the recent malware infection frameworks, and work with legal authorities to take down malware domains.

We aim to establish good relationships vertically with authorities, and horizontally with the fellow researchers and security entities, so that cooperation can be enlisted in dismatling domains that host malware and its infectors in internet.

Our analysis and reports can be viewed in our media i.e. our blog - in every posts we are not only sharing analysis information but sharing research materials for education in malware analysis and the sample to increase the malware detection rates, we always upload our malware samples in Virus Total after the analysis and precaution needed is done. We also share the method we used for research in our Google Project (contains of tools, codes and tips), and we share our research drafts, guides and intel by using our pastebin. You can reach those sites by using the link on the left side of this page.

Some of our recent achievement can be viewed in the On The News part, and in this link you can review the background and of why we think that our workgroup is necessary to exist. In the below part you can see news references and links for our popular analysis posts we shared.

If you're looking for our assitance please do not hesitate to mention us on twitter account @malwaremustdie

We are sorting and compiling the recent WWW news about us and our research for your reference about us in our official facebook account's time line, the older news can be viewed as per below list:

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And many more.. please Google "MalwareMustDie" keyword for more..