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Please read below instruction carefully beforehand, thank you.

  1. Press [OPEN] button to send us malware samples.
  2. Please archive it 1st w/well-known password to avoid server auto-deletion.
  3. Firstly try to drag-and-drop sample(s) to grey dropbox zone.
  4. If drag-and-drop failed, upload file(s) w/clicking "Select Files" in grey area.
  5. Afterward you will be asked to drop/select more files for multiple upload.
  6. You must click "Start Uploading Files" upon files selection done.
  7. On failed attempts, click "CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT UPLOAD" and..
  8. ...please repeat the previous processes above.
  9. Uploading scheme is powered by MediaFire. It is not infected nor malicious.
  10. Thank you for your willing to share us your sample. #MalwareMustDie!

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